Colour that won't budge. 

LIp tattooing defines and adds colour to the lip without the need to apply lip products each day. We tattoo to the very edge of the natural lip, making the most of what you have naturally. Many ladies who considered having lip fillers no longer feel the need once thier lips are tattooed, or if so, often get to where they want to be with less filler.




If you have ever had a cold sore, even just one, you must contact us before booking so that we can advise you how to prepare your lips to greatly reduce the chance of experiencing an outbreak.



£325 - 3h initial appointment & 1.5 h 6-12 week retouch if required

£150 - up to 2 year retouch from initial treatment


Work Hours
Monday                        1pm-8pm
Tuesday - Thursday     9:30am - 5pm



No one would guess!

“My lips look great... I love them! They look so natural. No one would guess they were tattooed.”

— J.R.

I've been asked if I got fillers!

“Defining the borders has made such a huge difference. A couple friends even asked it I got filler too!”

— K.M.

No lipstick?!?

“Now I only use lip balm... nothing else. I love them! People can't believe they have no lipstick on them.”

— H.B.




Looking for a little more volume? Christine offers a very natural lip enhancement service. Contact us for photos of her work and or to book in.