Laser Removal

Body Tattoos

1" x 1" £30 per session (15 mins)   ●   2" x 2" £50 per session (15 mins)
3" x 3" £70 per session (15 mins)   ●   4" x 4" £80 per session (15 mins)

Body tattoo removal is done by removing ink particles from the skin by means of a laser. This process disposes of the ink particles through the body’s immune system.  The high photon energy delivered to skin during treatment completely disrupts tattoo ink particles, therefore neutralizing their noticeability. This fantastic technique has more than 95% of effectiveness.

Permanent Makeup

Free Consultation ●   Brow Removal £30 Per Session (15 mins)

Permanent makeup can be removed using laser tattoo removal. It works by intense ultraviolet light breaking down the molecules in the pigment into their components. The immune system will then take away those simplified molecules and deliver them to the lymph nodes, where they are absorbed. Laser removal for permanent makeup is a safe, effective method of removal but may be uncomfortable. After the laser removal, the area takes at least 8 weeks to heal and will not damage the hair that remains; it may just turn them white due to the hair singeing but will grow back.

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