Permanent Makeup

Eyelash Enhancement

With Kelley £275

An eyelash enhancement is a very subtle cosmetic tattoo along the line of your lashes. It enhances your eyelashes to make them look fuller and thicker without having to wear mascara or false lashes. 

Classic Liner

From £325

A classic liner is an eyelash enhancement as above, with the addition of pigment above the lashes. This liner is intended to heal with a soft edge and can be made thinner or thicker, depending on the client’s individual preference. You can also have a winged liner if that is what you would like. A small wing can be added.

Bottom Liner

£175   —   Can be added to a top liner for £100

The bottom liner is just as it sounds, as above the liner is added to the lashline and beyond if that is what you want, only this time it is on the bottom lid, rather than the top.

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