semi permanent makeup: Eyeliner

Eyes are one of those areas where even just a little eyeliner semi permanent makeup can make a huge difference. Make-up artists who specialize in creating the ‘no make-up’ wedding looks for brides will still insist on placing a wee bit of colour between the eyelashes because the definition that it adds to the eyes can’t be matched by any other technique.

Here at the studio we specialise in timeless eyeliners that provide a natural enhancement of the eye and lashes. We don’t recommend or create liners with long wings that might not look good as the skin around the eye ages over time.

Eyelash Enhancement

Pigment is carefully placed in between the eyelashes, defining the eyes and giving the illusion of a thicker row of lashes.

Soft Eyeliner

An eyelash enhancement as above, with the addition of pigment above the lashes. This liner is intended to heal with a soft edge, and can be made thin or thicker, depending on the clients individual preference.

Good To Know

As with all our cosmetic tattoo treatments, a topical numbing cream is applied prior to and during the treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

It is completely normal to experience swollen lids after the treatment, which can be even more noticeable the day after the treatment after waking up. Please bare this in mind when making plans to drive etc.

Natural looking semi-permanent make-up.