semi permanent makeup: eyebrows


What’s Your Style?

Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes and client’s individual styles are just as varied. Christine and her artists have the skills to work with any type of natural brow, from no hair at all, to the over tweezed brows of the 60’s and 90’s, right up to lovely full brows that could be that little bit better.

There are 3 styles of brows that can be created using semi-permanent make-up and these are:

  • Hairstoke: mimic natural hair but are the most delicate so are not appropriate for all skin types.
  • Combination: hairstokes with shading provides texture but also mimics the look of powdered make-up throught the brow.
  • Ombre: graduated shading is used to fill in the entire brow. This style is often best if a ‘make-up’ look is desired.

See below for examples of all eyebrow styles. Which style will work best for you will be discussed with you at your consultation prior to you begining the treatment. You can see many more examples on our FB page.

Good To Know

We hold a full consultation on the day of your semi permanent makeup treatment however, some health issues and medications are contraindications for the treatment. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss or book in for a consultation prior to booking in for a treatment. We cannot treat women who are pregant or breastfeeding.

The treatment will be explained to you in full before we begin and all templates and colour choices must be agreed to by you or we will not proceed.

Do you have semi-permanent make-up from elsewhere that you aren’t happy with? Book in for a free consultation to discuss your options.